Hi There! I'm Chelsea. Welcome to my little corner of the internet. I'm a huge fanatic of lists so here's a few things my friends would probably tell you, in list form...
  • I'm an enormous film fanatic. My favorite time of year is Oscar season! Get me talking about movies and I'll never stop.
  • I work as an Esthetician specializing in skincare and treating skin related disorders.
  • I have the greatest partner in crime, a five year old pitbull mix named Rooney (so named after the lovely Rooney Mara)
  • In my free time, I enjoy hiking in the mountains, road trips, and lazy days marathoning Netflix series and eating junk food.
  • I'm a huge film & movie award show fanatic, get me talking about movies and I'll never stop.
  • I am that crazy Harry Potter fan. I grew up reading the Harry Potter books as they were released. They pretty much taught me how to read and molded my imagination from a young age.

If you have any more questions or just fancy a chat, feel free to email me at chelsealenae@live.com.

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